Toroidal isolation transformers are used in a variety of electronic applications, but they’re especially important in the medical industry. This is primarily because specific safety standards must be met. After all, someone’s life might depend on eliminating the risk for electric shock.

But what are toroidal isolation transformers and what makes them unique? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to toroidal isolation transformers.

Isolation transformers: What are they?

Isolation transformers are a necessary component in delivering electrical power to certain equipment or devices. They isolate the powered device from its power source. But why is this necessary?

An isolation transformer is able to protect persons from electric shock caused by faulty insulation in the end device and any components it’s attached to.

This is pivotal when it comes to powering life-saving medical equipment. With more than 6,000 hospitals relying on a variety of medical equipment throughout the United States, it’s thanks to isolation transformers that residents and patients stay safe. That’s why medical equipment relies on such strict regulation when it comes to medical isolation transformers. But isolation transformers have the potential to help a variety of fields. For example, computers, monitors, printers, and any number of electrical devices can benefit from small and large isolation transformers.

What makes a toroidal transformer different?

Toroidal is a descriptive term connoting a torus, or doughnut, shape. In terms of a toroidal isolation transformer, this electrical component typically relies on a magnetic core. Surrounding this core are wire windings which promote a symmetrical shape.

This shape is incredibly beneficial in power supplies for electronic devices. Because of a small number of materials and symmetrical shape, transformers are able to control magnetic flux and interference throughout the circuit. They’re a great option for manufacturers and end-clients alike thanks to their compact size and lighter weight.

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