Poulsen Power EV Charging Station


Save hundreds of dollars on Installation!
Residential EVSE Level 2 Charging made simple!

Unlike competing brands the Poulsen Power Charging system eliminates the expense of running a dedicated 240V line from the building’s power panel to the location. In the case of a detached garage digging and line drawing can run as high as $1,500 to $2,000.

The Poulsen Power EVSE Charging Station gives you Level 2 EVSE charging from the existing120V-20amp circuit serving the garage area, which is converted to 240V-20amp.

Installation can be done inexpensively by exchanging the single throw circuit breaker in your power panel with a double throw breaker. Once the 240V circuit breaker is installed, the electrician will mount the Poulsen Power EVSE charging station on your garage wall and you will have fast 240V Level 2 charging.

What happens to the lighting and power outlets in my garage after I convert my garage circuit to 240V?  The patented Poulsen Power  EVSE charging station contains a built-in 240V to 120V step down transformer for restoring the 120V supply to the garage light, power outlets and door opener.

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 How The Poulsen Power EV Charging Station Works:
1. Clock with built in timer for scheduling late night charging.
2. LED and Status Bar Graph shows you the charging progress.
3. Mode of Operation Switch allows you to charge immediately or start charging at a preset later time.
4. Transformer steps down the 240 volt power coming from your electrical box to 120 volts for your garage outlets, lighting and garage door opener.
5. Industry Standard Vehicle Connector (J1772) connects to your vehicle.

Model Information

Bridgeport Magnetics’  Poulsen Power series of residential charging stations for reliable level 2 charging. The compact indoor/outdoor units are wall-mounted in a home garage or parking structure. All models are encased in sturdy, corrosion and vandal proof metal enclosures.

The program includes 3 models:
Model# BMG1 – Save hundreds of dollars on Installation!
Many potential EV owners complain of the often high cost of running a dedicated 240V line through or around an existing home or to a detached garage at a cost as high as $1,500 to $2,000. Bridgeport Magnetics Model BMG1 provides level 2 EV charging from a 120V circuit without line drawing.

Model# BMG2 – For dedicated 208V to 240V circuits.

Model# BMG3 –  Duplex.  One station charges 2 vehicles.
Dual racks hold cables and connectors for adjacent parking spaces. Two BMG3 units can be mounted back-to-back on a common pedestal, serving up to four vehicles at the same time. Without the digital time switch.

     Model BMG1 and BMG2                                   Model BMG3

Poulsen Power EV Charging Station Specifications

• Designed for all brands of plug-in vehicles accepting the industry standard connector SAE J1772, including the GM Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-In, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and others.
• 240V Level 2 fast charging
• LED Display Bar shows the charge progress and the current draw.
• Built-in 24 hour timer allows you to schedule late night charging. Take advantage of off-peak discount electric rates (where available).
• The  timer has a 100 hour backup in case of a power failure.
• Manual Start switch will override the delayed charging to start car charging at any time.
• Built in 1500 watt 240/120 volt step down transformer restores 120 volt service to all outlets in your garage.
• Electronic  overload protection for safety.
• 16 foot long cord with Industry Standard SAE J1772 connector.
• GE  240v / 25A GFCI Breaker INCLUDED.
• Industrial strength (14 gauge epoxy powder coated steel) case for durability.
• Indoor / Outdoor Application
• Height: 17.5” Width: 8”  Depth: 3.25”
• Weight:  22 lbs.
• 2 year warranty
• Patents Pending
• Made In USA
• Certified by ETL to UL SAE J1772.


When installing your Poulsen Power Charging Station (‘Station’), all local and federal electrical codes must be followed.

At the main circuit breaker panel, install a GE 240v / 25A GFCI circuit breaker and connect to the 12/2 GA (Plus Ground) wire that leads to the Poulsen Power Charger location (existing garage circuit). Refer to all installation and test procedures included with the GE GFCI Panel mounted circuit breaker.

The Poulsen Power Charging station should be secured to a wall stud or other permanent structure using (Qty 2) ¼” x 1.5” Lag Screws, within 10 feet of the intended charging location. Indoor installations shall be mounted at a sufficient height between 450 mm (18 inches) and 1.2 m (4feet) from the floor. Outdoor installations shall be mounted at a sufficient height between 600 mm (24 inches) and 1.2 m (4feet) from grade.
Remove the front cover of the Station and locate the terminal block in the lower left-hand corner of enclosure. Wire the Station as shown in the diagram above.

Test all connections / circuits prior to turning the circuit breaker on.

Install the cover of the Station using the two screws.

Turn circuit breaker to “On”.

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