3 Applications Of Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers are extremely useful devices. By using electromagnetic induction, they transform the voltage from a power source into a voltage that the device receiving the electricity can handle. Transformers come in all shapes and sizes. You can find some...

Top Five Benefits of Toroidal Technology

Efficiency has become a major factor when buying electrical components in modern society, especially in industries where safe, effective electricity output is needed. For example, a hospital would consider a toroidal isolation transformer, which is 20% to 50% smaller...

What Is a Toroidal Isolation Transformer?

What Is a Toroidal Isolation Transformer?

Toroidal isolation transformers are used in a variety of electronic applications, but they're especially important in the medical industry. This is primarily because specific safety standards must be met. After all, someone's life might depend on eliminating the risk...

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