The Bridge Port – Card Dealer

The Bridge Port – Card Dealer


The BRIDGE PORT. A Dealing Machine for Social Bridge Players.

The BRIDGE PORT. A Dealing Machine for Social Bridge Players.

The BRIDGE PORT card dealer is intended for social players to provide always entertaining play on an even playing field. It also adds play time by taking over shuffling and dealing.

BRIDGE PORT includes two decks of bar-coded cards. It is placed on a side table and automatically sorts one deck while the other is in play. The machine reads and distributes the cards in compact, removable cassettes at the rate of one card per second.

The machine is self-contained and measures 13x5x4 inches at 3.5 lbs. The base model includes an SD memory card holding 1000 interesting deals, arranged  to favor both teams evenly when played in succession in the course of a typical  social 15-25 game session. The machine progresses automatically to the next deal upon loading the just played deck, when pushing the start button. The selection of games will provide maybe a year’s worth of exciting and challenging sessions of social play on an even playing field, after which the deals may be rotated or a new selection purchased.

Custom deals may also be created and loaded onto a memory card from a PC with an SD card reader for tournaments and  teaching purposes. Any deal can be duplicated for simultaneous play on multiple tables.

The BRIDGE PORT comes in a handy carrying case and only needs a power outlet. Additional decks and cassettes are available for pre-loading.

Patents Pending.
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