With fall in full swing, everyone in the northeast and midwest knows that winter isn’t far behind. Before we know it, we’ll be bundled up in our winter jackets and gloves, watching the weather reports to see how much snow will drop on any given day. As inclement weather drives us indoors, we rely more heavily on our electricity to work flawlessly and our heating systems to keep us warm.

For utility companies, the inclement weather and residents’ increased use of electricity means that they may be facing more outages and issues than any other time of year. That’s where units like Temporary Power Restoration devices come into play. Let’s take a look at why these portable isolation transformers are essential for utility companies to have on hand during the year’s chilliest season.

Cold Weather Means More Power Outages

When most people think of power outages during the winter, they assume they always occur because of powerful snowstorms. While storms and blizzards can certainly damage the 5.5 million miles of local distribution lines and cause outages, you can lose power in your home from the freezing temperatures alone.

This is because the thousands of electromechanical components that power an electric system work best when they can operate in the middle of the temperature and moisture range for which they were designed. While they can still operate well in extreme conditions when they are new, most of the country’s infrastructure is operating beyond the lifespan it was intended to have. This advanced age makes the systems much more vulnerable to malfunctioning in extreme conditions, especially when they need to work extra hard to account for increased power usage.

Another consequence of the cold weather is a major threat to power lines. Above-ground lines are often at the mercy of fallen tree branches, winds, and heavy ice. Their subterranean counterparts can also face danger as tree roots provide a pathway for ice to build up around the underground lines. The lines get stiffer than usual from the cold, making them more prone to breakage from the ice. When wind rocks a tree hard enough to rub against underground lines, they can also experience damage.

What Can Portable Isolation Transformers Do?

With such a high energy demand during the winter, utility companies need to have Temporary Power Restoration devices, such as the PowerBack, to quickly provide power to their customers. Built into a stainless steel wheeled cart, these toroidal isolation transformers can hook up to a home’s electric meter to restore power while linemen fix damaged underground power wires.

As it may take a considerable amount of time for linemen to fix underground cables trapped in the frozen earth while working in chilling temperatures, being able to provide power in the meantime is essential. Not only will your customers be impressed with your service, but you’ll be keeping them safe. The PowerBack is also convenient for utility companies to transport and set up, as these portable isolation transformers are half the weight and size of similar devices.

Winter will be here in the blink of an eye and your utility company needs to be prepared for all of the complications that come with it. Contact Bridgeport Magnetics to learn more about the custom made toroidal transformers that can benefit your company and customers.