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With more people taxing power supplies and power becoming unpredictable, the use of Temporary Power Restoration Devices, such as the PowerBack, has come into play. The PowerBack Temporary Power Restoration tool is a vital device for utility companies, as it allows them to provide residents with power while they fix the underlying issues with the power cables.

This article discusses the benefits of Temporary Power Restoration Devices for any utility company that wants to keep customers happy while they work on power issues that take time to fix.

1. Safety

Improved safety is one of the outstanding benefits of Temporary Power Restoration devices. When a utility company needs to fix a home’s underground power wires, it can take time. This is especially true during the winter when the ground is frozen and in cities where concrete reigns. While many utility companies will run jumper cables from a neighbor’s house to the house without power to provide temporary relief, this practice can be dangerous for anyone in the area.

The PowerBack Temporary Power Restoration device is a toroidal isolation transformer built into a stainless steel wheeled cart. This portable isolation transformer hooks up to a home’s electric meter and is safe to use in a resident’s backyard where kids and dogs play. By using this device, utility companies can rest assured that residents and linemen alike will stay safe while they work to fix underground power wires.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Temporary Power Restoration devices can be a utility company’s key to increasing their customer satisfaction rates. An important metric in the electrical power industry, customer satisfaction can suffer when residents face lengthy power outages and unreliable service.

If one power cable has been severed or damaged and a home is experiencing a partial power outage, linemen can set up the PowerBack. This tool will restore power to the home, buying the linemen time to dig underground and perform permanent repairs to the cable. As long as residents have power, they won’t even notice how long it takes the linemen to fix the cable. They’ll just be happy to live their lives as normal with power in their home.

3. Convenience

When faced with a major power issue, utility companies need a quick and easy way to restore power to residential homes. At half the weight and size of similar devices, the PowerBack is easy for workers to transport and set up. Companies can even keep these tools on their trucks, allowing them to have a quick power fix whenever they need it.

The fix with a PowerBack is certainly quick, as it only takes about 30 minutes to install. This efficiency gives linemen more time to focus on fixing the power cable, which is the bigger problem at hand. These devices even come with GPS units on them so that utility companies can keep track of which homes need their regular power source restored and so that they don’t get left behind at a customer’s home.

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