While power outages are common occurrences, they can cause lost productivity and even damage to different types of businesses. Persistent power outages can run you out of business or cause you to change locations, which can be expensive.

There’s a need to mitigate the effects of power interruption by investing in power restoration devices. They provide peace of mind, allow you to continue working for a while before power is back, and save money and businesses from failure. Here are some popular uses for power restoration devices.

1. Protecting Against Power Interruptions

Power interruptions can be frustrating because they prevent employees and business owners from doing their jobs. They also cause power surges, which can damage appliances, computers, servers, and more. A surge mitigator is an essential part of your electrical system. It ensures that erratic power doesn’t fry your electronics. In hospitals, power restoration devices ensure that critically ill patients can continue with their treatment without a problem. Without these power restoration devices, many patients would die from power interruptions.

2. Allowing Time for Backup Power to Kick In

Depending on your electrical system, your generator takes a few minutes before it kicks in during a blackout. A surge mitigator and other power restoration devices allow you to keep working. They will let you save your work before backup power kicks in. If it doesn’t take long for your backup power to work, power restoration devices can ensure that you don’t suffer any side effects from power outages at home or work.

3. Protecting Your Electronic Devices

According to Statista, the U.S. electronics market was worth $301 billion as of 2019. Unfortunately, a power outage can damage your electronics faster than you think. Make sure that you have a surge mitigator to protect all your electronic devices at all times. Electric currents fluctuate as they go through wiring systems. If they raise more than usual, they can burn the connected devices.

4. Enhancing Power Quality

Power quality refers to the capacity and presence of electricity with little to no interruptions. Characteristics of high-quality power include fewer outages and stable currents. Low-quality electricity has more interruptions and unstable flow. A surge mitigator ensures that the electricity fluctuations won’t harm connected devices. Other power restoration devices help to keep a constant power quality.

5. Backing Up Your Power

Installing a surge mitigator in your electricity system ensures you can connect backup power. The surge mitigator may cause a power interruption when electric currents are too high. You can use backup power until the power is stable.

If you’re interested in setting up a surge mitigator in your business, don’t hesitate to contact Bridgeport Magnetics today. We’ve got you covered every step of the way.