For many of us, we never really think about how electricity travels from the source to the device we need to power. It’s common for us to take for granted that we’ll plug in a cord and be able to utilize the equipment we need. But that isn’t always the case.

In certain circumstances, you’ll actually need to transfer power from an alternating current power source to a device at the same time that you isolate the device from that power source. The use of custom medical grade transformers and marine isolation transformers can serve a number of benefits in specific applications. Whether you’re on staff at a hospital or own a boat, you might be familiar with this type of transformers — which can be used to prevent electric shock, reduce noise, and withstand high voltage. Regardless of the application, here are three excellent reasons to use a transformer made for isolation.

  • Isolation Transformers Can Improve Electrical Quality: In many situations, you can actually improve existing power quality by utilizing a transformer made for isolation. The unique design of these transformers can improve efficiency by minimizing the possibility of leakage. The end result? Your electrical device or piece of equipment will be able to function at its best. That means less frustration for you and improved ease of use. It may even help you preserve a piece of equipment for a longer amount of time due to this boosted efficiency
  • Isolation Transformers Can Maintain Safety: One of the main reasons to use an isolation transformer is for the sake of safety. Over 87 million adults participate in recreational boating nationwide and
    boats are hooked up to shore-power when docked at a marina. Having an isolation transformer installed will prevent people on board or in the water adjacent to the boat from receiving sometimes lethal electric
    shocks. but if your boat’s circuit becomes overloaded or leaks, that could leave you with no power. This can be a very dangerous situation when you’re out on the open water. However, having a transformer installed can prevent this scenario before it ever happens. In hospitals and medical facilities, as well, isolation transformers can keep people safe. Pieces of life-saving equipment can easily be rendered ineffective or even hazardous if proper operation measures aren’t taken. To prevent the risk of an electric shock or equipment breakdown, the use of a transformer is recommended.
  • Isolation Transformers Can Prevent Power Surges: Power surges are a common problem even in residential situations. But in the medical field or marine sector, they can have even more drastic consequences. A transformer built for isolation will allow a device or piece of equipment to continue to run as intended, even if there’s an electrical malfunction; since the device or equipment is isolated from the power source, the power supply won’t be interrupted due to a surge.

It’s clear that these transformers play an essential role in many different applications. To ensure safety and efficiency, these an isolation transformer should be utilized. For more information on how our transformer products can improve operations at your medical facility or as part of your recreational boating activities, please contact Bridgeport Magnetics today.