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Tortran Toroidal Transformer




Goertz Audio Cables

Goertz Audio

Utility Power

Utility Company Products

Sustainable Systems

Poulsen Hybrid

Silicon Steel Toroidal Cores

Magnetic C-Cores

Silicon Steel O-Cores

E Cores

Custom Magnetic Cores


Laminax Copper Foil
Shielding Tape

Flat Magnet Wire

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Toroid Mounting Hardware

Winding /Testing Equipment 

  Toroidal Transformer Products  
Standard Toroidal Power Transformers
Custom Toroidal Power Transformers
Toroidal O-Core Power Transformers Toroidal Isolation Transformers
Current Transformers

Medical Grade Isolation Transformers

Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
Stray Voltage Protection

Marine Isolation Transformers
Marine Isolation Transformers

Aircraft and Marine Transformers
400 Hz Transformers for Aircraft and Marine Power

Inductors and Chokes
50Hz/60Hz Inductors and Chokes

Amorphous Core Toroidal Power Inductors for HF Applications

Transformer Enclosures

Custom Configurable Enclosures


  High-end Audio Cables

Low Inductance Speaker Cables


Foil Inductors

Balanced Power Supply
Streetlight Isolation Transformer Protect your Streetlights
from Stray Voltage

Increase Pedestrian Safety with
Streetlight Isolation Transformers

Power Back
Emergency and Temporary 240V Power Restoration

Power Back  
Ultra-compact Emergency 240V Power Restoration Device. Supplies temporary 208/240V power to customers who have lost one of their phases.

Dry-Type Distribution Transformers Single Phase Low Voltage Distribution Transformers

Three Phase Dry-Type Low Voltage Distribution Transformers


Poulsen Power

Level 2 EV charging without installing  a dedicated 240V circuit.

Poulsen Power Level 2 EV Charging Station


Supplemental wind propulsion for cargo ships

Serving the Cargo Industry


Our Alpha-Core division makes our own toroidal cores from tiny up to 500+ lbs. Our Tortran division makes toroidal transformers and inductors from PC board level up to 40,000 VA.

Toroidal Transformers are more efficient than the conventional stacked E-I lamination type transformers.  They are much quieter, exhibit much less magnetic stray fields with much lower losses and require no special tooling for custom dimensions.

We at Bridgeport Magnetics Group enjoy almost 100% repeat business from our customers for two simple reasons: Quality and Service.

We leave no stone unturned to meet customer deadlines. Come and join the roster of our happy customers and see for yourself why they stay with us. Please call 1-800-836-5920 or email us at sales@bridgeportmagnetics.com

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Ulrik Poulsen
CEO and Founder

Sandu Pescaru
Co-owner and Vice President

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