Street Light Isolation Transformers


Streetlight and Parking Lot Electrical Shock Safety

Protect People and Pets with Streetlight Isolation Transformers

Streetlight isolation transformers eliminate stray voltage and currents in metal pole streetlights, parking lot lights and traffic lights which may be high enough to cause bodily harm and injury when touched by humans or animals. Such elevated voltages, stray voltages, and currents may be the result of wear and tear on the insulation of wiring and components caused by damage, tampering or aging.

Streetlight isolation transformers are installed to increase public safety at parking lots, sports complexes, marinas, kiosks. They are also installed on other line powered items on metal poles such as traffic lights.

Several thousand streetlight isolation transformers have been installed in New York City.

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How it Works

Toroidal isolation transformers are designed to eliminate elevated voltage, contact voltage and stray voltage conditions existing in streetlights, traffic lights, kiosks, and other line powered items in the urban streetscape.  This type of installation is often subject to accidents and interference from the public, which may damage the insulation of electrical components

The Streetlight Isolation transformer consists of a primary winding, which is connected to the power line and a secondary winding, which power the lighting fixture or other loads. Multiple layers of insulation separate the windings and effectively isolate the load from the line input related to the ground. The effect is to prevent any part of the load from carrying voltage and present a danger to people and pets passing by or touching the fixture.

Besides the three standard power ratings listed below, other power ratings are available as a custom design. Standard input and output voltages are 120V/120V. Other voltages are available options for 60 Hz as well as 50/60 Hz operating frequencies. Multiple layers of insulation separate the primary and secondary windings and effectively isolate the load from the line input related to the ground. To prevent overload, each transformer has an internal auto-resettable thermal switch. The transformer is embedded in black epoxy in a red resin container with a carrying handle and is 100% waterproof. The container is secured with a single bolt through a center hole.

Rating VA



Primary Voltage

Secondary Voltage (A) 
at 120V   at 240V

     O.D. x HT in        O.D. x HT  mm

 lbs.    kg



60 Hz or 
optional 50/60 Hz




7.72 in x 3.75 in

196 mm x 96 mm





60 Hz or 
optional 50/60 Hz




9.17 in x 4.15 in

233 mm  x 106 mm




Operating Temperature:
Continuous up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) ambient temperature. 

Transformer Leads:
Leads are 12AWG or 8AWG Unshielded EPR/HYP, 24” long, stripped 0.75”.

Overload Protection:
An internal auto resettable thermal switch is set to trip at approximately / 221 degrees F (105 degrees C) to protect the transformer against overload conditions.

Water Proof:
100% waterproof at a maximum of 5 feet underground.

Installation / Mounting Hardware:
Mounting is by means of a single bolt through a central 5/8” diameter hole.
The bottom of the resin canister is embossed to identify LINE/LOAD connections, power rating, voltage and frequency ratings. Serial number printed on water proof label.

Safety Standards:

The Streetlight Isolation Transformer complies with: UL60601-1 and  CSA STD c22.2 No. 601.1

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