Standard Design De-buzzing Chokes

Standard Design De-buzzing Chokes


De-buzzing chokes are designed to reduce transformer noise caused by dimming low voltage Halogen lighting fixtures. Using most types of dimmers in conjunction with a low voltage toroidal transformer may cause the transformer to produce a noise best described as a buzzing sound. If the transformer is not in a remote location the noise may be annoying. Our de-buzzing chokes will smooth out the broken sinusoidal waveform to the transformer, significantly reducing the buzzing noise. The chokes come fully encapsulated in black epoxy with a 1/4″ center hole for easy one-bolt mounting. Flexible multi-stranded lead wire simplifies termination. Please call us for volume pricing and discounts.

OD x HT (in.)              (mm)
1-9 pcs.
200DB2002.75 x 1.65                70 x 421.30$36.61
300DB3002.75 x 1.70                70 x 431.35$36.61
500DB5002.75 x 1.80                70 x 461.40$38.76
600DB6002.75 x 1.85                70 x 471.45$38.76
750DB7502.75 x 1.90                70 x 481.45$39.20
    Fully epoxy encapsulated; 1/4″ center hole; flexible lead wire


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