Standard Current Transformers


Standard and Custom Design Toroidal Current-Sensing Transformers

Toroidal Current-Sensing  (Instrument) Transformers

Our toroidal current-sensing transformers measure current flowing in power lines and bus bars. Also called instrument transformers, they can be furnished with protective insulation by means of taping, resin dipping or epoxy potting. They can also be cast in epoxy and encapsulated either alone or grouped together for multi-phase applications. We offer an expanding line of standard design current transformers as a cost-effective solution for many applications.


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Voltage Generating Types
Electronic power monitoring equipment sometimes relies on a current transformer to produce a voltage signal. This is accomplished with a relatively high turns ratio (typically 1000 to 2000) with a load resistor mounted across the winding. This type of current transformer is often mounted directly onto a PC board. Besides flying leads, we can supply the transformer mounted vertically or horizontally in a carrier with pins for PC mount.

P/NCurrent RatioVA Burden(Examples)Percent
 OD x HT
0050-CTR50:51.022.50 x 1.00
0075-CTR75:51.022.50 x 1.00
0100-CTR100:52.022.50 x 1.00
0200-CTR200:55.013.65 x 1.15
0300-CTR300:512.513.65 x 1.15
0400-CTR400:512.513.65 x 1.15
0500-CTR500:525.014.10 x 1.25


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