Second Generation Balanced Power System

Second Generation Balanced Power System


Balanced Power Supply

Goertz has announced the introduction of its second generation BP (Balanced Power) System, now available in three sizes rated for 300VA, 600VA and 1000VA. Installed between the wall outlet and audio or video components, the Goertz BP Power System eliminates electronic noise and hum induced through unbalanced power lines.  

Balanced Power Systems have been popular for several decades in the motion picture and recording industries, and now Goertz has made the technology available for use in home entertainment applications. The Goertz BP Systems utilize a transformer that has been potted in epoxy compound and then housed within a circular steel enclosure finished in scratch-resistant, off-white powder coated enamel.

The Goertz BP Systems come equipped with North American style three-prong plug and outlet connectors attached to sturdy two-foot lengths of wire. A power strip may be utilized at the receptacle end as required. The outside diameter of the housing ranges from 5 1/8-inches in diameter for the 300VA, 6  5/8-inches for the 600VA, and 8 ¼-inches for the 1000VA with a height of 2 ¾” for the two smaller and 3.0” for the largest model. The weight is 8 lbs, 13 lbs and 20 lbs respectively.

The Goertz BP Systems are supplied with a bracket for easy single-screw wall mounting. With its sleek shape and neutral color, it has been designed to blend in with virtually any type of home theater or other room decor. Goertz BP Systems can also be installed on a component or rack- mount base plate using the threaded insert on its rear surface.

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