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ISO-PUCK 1000 VA 50-60Hz

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Medical Safety Device

Input: 120V/50-60 Hz; Custom Plug/Custom length cord available                               

Output: 120V/50-60 Hz; Custom Receptacle/Custom length cord available

ISO-PUCK was introduced by Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc in 2008. Over the past several years we have seen an increased national and international awareness of the potential hazard to humans of electrical shock from patient care equipment This concern produced the third edition of the safety standard IEC60601-1:2005. In the US the equivalent safety standard is ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 :2005(R) 2012. ISO-PUCK medical grade isolation transformers prevent hazardous and possibly life threatening levels of leakage (touch) current in medical devices and commercial grade electronics including computers, monitors, printers and other non- battery operated electrical equipment used in OR and patient care areas. Our ISO-PUCK series of enclosed, corded Hospital Grade Isolation Transformers are certified to applicable safety standards in the following markets; • USA- ANSI/AAMI (formerly UL) ES60601-1 • CANADA- CSA std c22. No.601 .1 • EUROPE · EN61558-2. • International - IEC60601-1 Third Edition