Marine Puck Isolation Transformer 3600VA

MARINE PUCK 3.6/ Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc.
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Marine-Puck mounts on top of or below deck or on a bulkhead, internally or externally. Input and output cables may exit from the rear through the mounting surface or from the side of the Marine-Puck near the lower rim in any orientation.

Input:120V/30A or 240V/15A; Output: 120V/30A or 240V/15A

Marine-Puck transformers feature a toroidal isolation transformer, which is embedded in solid Epoxy resin and contained in a cup shaped Polycarbonate (LEXAN) enclosure. Shore side and boat side power cords protrude from the epoxy potting material and seal the transformer hermetically from the outside meaning that the transformer can be mounted on board, inside or outside onto a deck or bulkhead wherever convenient. Installing a Marine-Puck lowers leakage current to less than 1 milliampere, far exceeding the protection level of any commercial GFI device.


Marine-Puck mounts on top of or below deck or on a bulkhead, internally or externally. Input and output wiring may exit from the rear through the mounting surface or from the side of the Marine-Puck near the lower rim in any orientation. All models have two 120V primary and two 120V secondary windings which may be user connected in parallel for 120V and in series for 240V service. MP3.6 leads are 12AWG (equal to 9AWG when used in parallel). MP6 wires are 10AWG (7AWG when in parallel).

Wires are stranded, color coded leads striped for input, solid color for output.

Marine-Pucks are solid epoxy encapsulated with the epoxy surface set back about 0.75” from the rim.  The space above the mounting surface may be used for user configuration and splicing purposes. Side exit (when desired) can be effected through user drilled holes near the lower rim of the plastic enclosure. (Use step drill)

Installation: Marine-Puck may be user configured by connecting the dual 120V primary and secondary windings in parallel or in series when hard-wiring into input side or output side circuit breakers. Mounting by means of a central through carriage bolt or lag screw. 3/8” for MP3.6 and 1/2” for MP6. Please use a washer and lock washer (included) below the bolt head or nut.  They are prevented from rotating by a single screw or bolt through the tap at the periphery.

Use delayed action (D-curve) Input circuit breaker. Rare cases of nuisance tripping due to inrush current surge may be prevented by installing a pre-magnetizing device across the circuit breaker contacts.   

Plug-In Protocol:   

1. Turn off main on-board circuit breaker.

2. Turn off input circuit breaker. 

3. Plug in to pedestal.

4. Turn on Input breaker.

5. Turn on on-board main breaker.


Input Voltage AC 120V or 240V
Output Voltage 120V or 240V
Output Curent 30A/120V or 15A/240V
Impedance% 2.8
kVA Continuous 3.6kVA
Insulation Class B130C
Hi-Pot Test Voltage

4000V AC RMS

Ambient Temperature -20 to +40 degrees C
Dimensions 10" OD x 5" Ht.
Approx. Weight 45 lbs
Main Mount 3/8" carriage bolt