Spring is officially here and summer is right around the corner. That means now is the best possible time to get your boat serviced and ready for the water. One great way to get your boat ready for the warmer weather is to add an isolation transformer to your boat.

Marine isolation transformers are crucial for eliminating shock hazards to those aboard your boat. They also help to reduce the risk of electrical shock in the water adjacent to your boat. But marine isolation transformers can help in other ways, too.

Fight back against corrosion

It’s important to keep your boat covered during the winter months as the water from snow, ice, and hail can cause corrosion. Chances are during your boat’s spring cleaning and servicing you’ll be wiping away grime and giving your boat a good wax to keep corrosion at bay, too.

Marine isolation transformers can help to protect your boat from galvanic corrosion of metal hulls and propellers that are caused by the DC currents traveling through shore ground connections. They can also protect your boat from ground fault interruptions.

Electrical safety

A greater number of boats are equipped with air conditioning systems, televisions, and other appliances to make being out on the water as comfortable as being right at home. That means the modern boat’s power needs are higher than the needs of a boat from a few decades ago.

The danger of electric shock comes when a boat that has experienced a fault or short is connected to shore power. Shore power is connected to the earth, which creates an electrical path from the power pedestal through the shore power cord and into the faulty system. From there, the power is delivered back to earth through the water, which can lead to electric shock.

Marine isolation transformers are recommended to be installed on a boat for optimal safety. If your boating vessel has shore power connections, it ought to have an isolation transformer on board.

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