In the United States and around the world, consumers depend on electronic devices to perform essential tasks. As of 2019, the U.S. consumer electronic market alone was worth $301 billion, which illustrates just how greatly we depend on our technological devices and electronic equipment.

But while we may take these products for granted, they don’t always work as intended. Virtually any electronic device or appliance is vulnerable to a power surge — and if you fail to protect this equipment, you could end up shortening its lifespan or even having it be rendered totally useless. There are a few different types of power surges to be aware of, but we’ll be discussing inrush surges in today’s post.

Understanding Inrush Surges

Firstly, what are inrush surges? An inrush surge, sometimes known as inrush current, occurs when a device draws on the maximum input current as soon as it’s turned on. Simply put, it’s a power spike — but inrush surges can be exponentially higher than the device’s standard operating current. Toroidal transformers and other transformers, in particular, may be prone to these kinds of surges because they produce alternating current. But it’s also a problem with other kinds of equipment (especially those that can be quickly switched on and off).

Despite the fact that inrush current surges don’t last long, they can be extremely powerful and destructive. If inrush surges aren’t properly managed, they can temporarily disable or even permanently damage your equipment. That’s why it’s essential that these surges be addressed before this damage can ever occur.

Properly Addressing Inrush Current Surges

Now that you understand what inrush surges are and why they need to be prevented whenever possible, you may be wondering the best way to accomplish that goal. Ultimately, the most efficient way is to use an inrush surge mitigator. With a transformer inrush surge mitigator, you’ll be able to address line voltage dips, circuit breaker tripping, and even blown fuses before they have a chance to disrupt service or harm your equipment.

Inrush surge mitigators work by applying a small amount of pulsating direct current in order to properly magnetize the core before automatically switching on the transformer at the precise time to prevent any inrush current. Subsequently, what you’ll experience is completely normal transformer operation each and every time — all without having to worry about potentially damaging power surges.

In the end, our patented surge mitigation technology is the best way to protect your equipment and ensure your operations will continue without interruption. For more information on transformer inrush surge mitigation, please contact Bridgeport Magnetics today.