Summer is officially here, and many recreational boaters have already started getting their boats ready to hit the water. With over 87 million U.S. adults participating in recreational boating every year, it’s no secret that boating is a popular summer activity. But boating safety can sometimes take a backseat on summer adventures.

Boating safety is no joke. Hundreds of Americans are killed every year in boating accidents, many of which are preventable with a few precautions. To help keep your boating experience fun instead of tragic, here are a few ways to protect yourself and your family while boating.

Check that electrical equipment is correctly installed

Preventing deadly electrical shocks is vital when you’re boating. Take the time to inspect the electrical systems that are either on or near the water. All electrical equipment on your boat and on the dock needs to be properly installed and maintained.

To ensure proper safety, all electrical installations ought to be conducted by an electrical contractor who’s familiar with marine standards and codes. Electrical systems ought to be inspected at least once a year.

Install marine isolation transformers on your boat

It isn’t even to check that all electrical equipment is correctly installed. Boats ought to also have marine isolation transformers installed for additional protection against deadly electric shock.

Marine isolation transformers eliminate shock hazards to those on the boat and in the water beside the boat. They also help to eliminate possible galvanic corrosion of metal hulls and propellers, which can happen when DC currents travel through a shore ground connection.

Always wear a life jacket

Many boaters choose not to wear a life jacket because they can be bulky and can get in the way of your boating “look.” But the U.S. Coast Guard estimates that life jackets can save the lives of over 80% of boating fatality victims every year. That said, even if the life jacket clashes with your look, it can save your life to wear one.

If you have children on the boat with you, it’s legally required that they wear life jackets. Make sure to check out the regulations in your state regarding specific ages, boat sizes, and boating operations that require life jackets.

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