More recently, the possible electrical shock risks in medical facilities have come to light. To address these concerns and ensure the safety of patients and healthcare personnel, strict safety standards and regulations have been put in place. One such solution that provides enhanced protection against electrical shock is our ISO-PUCK medical-grade isolation transformer.

Read on to learn how our ISO-PUCK system can help keep electrical shock out of medical facilities.

What Is the ISO-PUCK?

The ISO-PUCK is a state-of-the-art medical-grade isolation transformer designed to prevent hazardous leakage current levels in medical devices and commercial-grade electronics. Manufactured with precision and adhering to industry standards, the ISO-PUCK offers unparalleled protection and reliability.

Features of ISO-PUCK

The ISO-PUCK isolation transformer safeguards patients from the risk of electric shock caused by medical equipment with its unique feature set. It also has the following features to help keep everyone safe:

Preventing Leakage Current

Leakage current refers to the unintentional flow of electric current from an electrical device to the ground. It can cause harm to individuals who come into contact with the equipment. The ISO-PUCK effectively prevents hazardous and possibly life-threatening leakage current levels, ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare professionals.

True Floating System

The output Neutral to Ground Bond commonly found in isolation transformers is absent from the ISO-PUCK. Instead, it provides a true floating system called the IT Earthing System. This innovative approach can ensure maximum protection against excessive ground leakage current. By eliminating the need for a neutral-to-ground bond, the ISO-PUCK minimizes the risk of electrical shock and enhances the overall safety of medical facilities.

Versatile Applications

The serviceability of ISO-PUCK is not limited to medical equipment alone. It also offers protection for commercial-grade electronics used in healthcare settings. Computers, monitors, printers, and other non-battery-operated electrical equipment are commonly helpful in operating rooms and patient care areas. These devices can shield against leakage current by incorporating ISO-PUCK isolation transformers.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Compliance with safety standards and regulations is of utmost importance in medical facilities. The ISO-PUCK meets the requirements set forth by the internationally recognized safety standard IEC 60601-1:2005 and the equivalent standard in the United States, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005(R) 2012. By incorporating ISO-PUCK isolation transformers into their electrical systems, medical facilities can ensure they align with the latest safety guidelines.

NFPA 99: A Risk-Based Approach

In the United States, the NFPA 99 standard for electrical safety in healthcare settings was updated in 2012 to become a code. This change means it is now more comprehensive and focused on managing risks. The ISO-PUCK device perfectly aligns with these new regulations by safeguarding against leakage current. It ensures compliance by limiting touch current to 100 microamps for fixed equipment and 500 for portable equipment. Using the ISO-PUCK helps prevent electrical shocks and keeps people safe.

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