A power supply is among the essential aspects in various industries worldwide. The medical sector is no exception because most machines in this field require a power supply to run. According to Siliconprairienews, the US has the world’s largest interconnected machine created by its power grid. The power grid’s high-voltage transmission lines cover approximately 200,000 miles, with more than 5.5 million local distribution channels. The grid links the power generating plants to businesses and homes. The power connected to medical centers requires custom medical grade transformers to enhance reliability and safety in providing quality medical care.

How Isolation Transformers Work

Custom medical grade transformers isolate the power used by medical equipment from the main power supply. This allows medical practitioners to use the equipment safely without facing power challenges. Hospitals connect the isolation transformers to nonmedical and medical equipment to ensure they are safe for patients and the operators. These transformers eliminate the risk of shock. The transformers reduce electrical noise and harmonic disturbance that could occur while using medical equipment.

The transformers have a 1:1 ratio of secondary and primary windings used in transferring AC electrical power to the electrical equipment, making them safe for use. Without these transformers, power surges or fluctuations would be unregulated, making the medical equipment unsafe for use.

Transformers Provide Stable Power

A power supply is a vital aspect of the medical industry because most equipment in this field requires stable power. The equipment requires power that is protected from fluctuations and surges to ensure they operate effectively. If this equipment is exposed to power surges, they are likely to malfunction, which could negatively affect the patient’s health. In some cases, such as in the ICU, power surges and fluctuations could result in death. Therefore, custom medical grade transformers are essential in supplying hospitals with stable power.

Robotics is the current trend in modern care which is expected to help in surgery, taking x-rays, or replacing human doctors. The successful use of such robots depends on power supply, making a stable power supply a necessity in all medical centers. Using isolation transformers in the medical industry would facilitate the efficient implementation of robotics technology.

Are you looking for an isolation transformer for your medical center? Custom medical grade transformers are necessary for all medical equipment due to their vast benefits. Call us today for more information on these transformers.