When you live in an area where cold weather takes up the majority of the year, you need to take advantage of the warm summer months as much as possible. This means getting out on your boat and soaking up the sun every chance that you get. Of course, living in this age comes with wanting to use modern amenities to make your life more comfortable on the boat. With the consumer electronics market reaching $301 billion as of 2019, there are many things you could do on your boat if you have the right devices to prevent the nuisance tripping of shore power.

The key device to achieve this is a marine isolation transformer. These transformers eliminate the electrical current between your boat and the electrical grid you’re hooked up to. By serving as a buffer between your boat’s power system and that of the dock, a marine isolation transformer is essential in helping you follow the NEC guidelines that were put in place. These recent guidelines only allow 30 milliamps of leakage current to docked boats that are running on shore power.

While these changes in guidelines help keep boaters safe as well as the environment around them, it does mean that the power on your boat will shut off as soon as you exceed that threshold. A marine puck isolation transformer, however, will keep your power on as it lowers your leakage current to less than one milliampere.

No matter how you utilize electrical power on your boat, using a marine puck isolation transformer is the way to do it. Contact Bridgeport Magnetics today to learn more about which size transformer will best suit your boat. As the expert source in toroidal isolation transformers, portable isolation transformers, medical isolation transformers, and so much more, their dedicated team will be sure to help you with any of your power needs.