Isolation transformers are extremely useful devices. By using electromagnetic induction, they transform the voltage from a power source into a voltage that the device receiving the electricity can handle. Transformers come in all shapes and sizes. You can find some form of a transformer almost everywhere you look, from large ones on telephone poles to tiny ones in the cubes that charge smartphones.

Beyond these everyday sightings, there are several industrial applications for isolation transformers. These professional applications typically call for toroidal isolation transformers, which contain wire that winds around a steel core to create a donut-shaped transformer. These portable isolation transformers are smaller, more efficient, and lightweight. Let’s take a look at three of the most common uses of toroidal isolation transformers.


As of 2017, there were 6,210 hospitals in the United States. Each of these facilities uses equipment that requires a significant amount of power. As much of this equipment is what is keeping patients alive, it is essential that it doesn’t overtax the hospital’s electricity and lead to nuisance tripping of the power system. Medical isolation transformers are designed to handle medical applications up to 5,000 VA with single, dual, or quad primary voltages and secondary voltages the customer can specify.


Both professional and recreational boaters can benefit from using marine isolation transformers on their vessels. When connected to shore power, boaters need to ensure that they do not exceed the 30 milliamps of leakage current the most recent NEC guidelines allow for docked boats. If you do go above this limit, you’ll experience nuisance tripping of shore power, interrupting any power you have running on your docked boat. By using a portable isolation transformer that becomes fixed to your boat, you can have an effective buffer between your boat and the shore’s power grid, allowing you to keep the electricity running for as long as you want.


Toroidal isolation transformers are also in equipment that utility companies use to provide same-day temporary power restoration. The PowerBack is an auto transformer contained in a stainless steel wheeled cart. This design makes it easy for just one employee to transport the PowerBack to a job site while increasing customer satisfaction as they restore power more quickly. The high-efficiency toroidal transformer inside the cart is right next to a thermal protector switch that will trip and shut the unit down should the transformer overheat. This ensures that everyone stays safe and the transformer stays functional.

If you’re in one of these industries and looking for a solution to your power problems, consider a portable isolation transformer. With optimal efficiency and convenient size, you won’t find a better transformer on the market. Contact Bridgeport Magnetics today to learn more.