Goertz audio cables are designed for professional AV installers to make every project easier. Goertz audio cables are between .4-.8 wide, and .4 inches thick. They are about as thin as a penny, according to Goetz Cables. These cables are the premiere audio cable and deliver several advantages. Here are just a few.

The Best Feature

One of the biggest advantages of Goertz cables for audio is low inductance. They deliver superior performance across the board. The patented design delivers sonic performance that is beyond compare. You can depend on these cables to deliver unimpeded sound.


These cables are very thin, which makes them very versatile and flexible. It comes flat-packed, which makes it easier to store. The thinness of these cables makes them easier to install anywhere. It can be the ideal solution for every application.

It’s Competitively Priced

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Goertz cables. They are a cost-effective option. The level of quality that you get from these cables at the price point is a great investment. You get a lot of returns on your purchase.

Easy Field Terminations

Goertz cables are easy to use for field termination. Goertz also has a tool that makes it easier to quickly cut the cable in the field. Precision cuts are easier with this tool from Goertz. The cabling is durable and can withstand a lot of stress, but it can also be easily terminated in the field. Anything that you can do to make your job easier is a wise investment.

CL2 Rated

Goertz audio cables are CL2-rated, which means they can be installed inside walls. This can be a game changer when you need a cable that can be safely installed on a wall. The Goertz cables deliver plenty of advantages to the professional AV installer.

With the Goertz cables on, you can check off all the boxes of what you want on a cable. It can be the best purchase you make for your business. If you are looking for audio cables that bring a wide range of benefits, whether you are a professional installer or a hobbyist, these cables are an excellent option for AV installation. Give us a call for more information on Goertz audio.