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UV-C (254nm) Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection System  for permanent installation in health care locations presenting a high risk of touch transferred HAI’s such as:

OPERATING ROOMS                              INTENSIVE CARE ROOMS




An on-board slow speed motor rotates the assembly slowly in a horizontal plane 7-8 feet above the floor. A sterilization cycle is performed in the course of two full revolutions, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise, returning the unit to the starting point within typically 20 minutes. In the process the UV-C emitters (high intensity UV-C quartz lamps) describe almost imperceptibly, a 12 ft. diameter circle while dosing surfaces within the room with germicidal UV-C light from varying directions.

A sliding panel conceals and protects the lamps and reflector when not in use, automatically opening at start and closing when the unit reaches its parking position at the end of a cycle.  The parking position, e.g. parallel to beds, is defined at installation.

The efficacy of ULTRASWEEP exceeds that of portable, column- base, transportable systems, because:

  • The line of sight is nearly perpendicular to most critical target surfaces.
  • The source is closer to beds, bedding, table tops, typically no more than 4-6 feet.
  • Targets, shaded from a stationary emitter are dosed directly from the slowly moving source.
  • The treatment can be customized for the room by programmed pauses during the cycle. For example in front of an open bathroom door or at angles 0 and 180 degrees in case of an elongated room.
  • Location specific programs eliminates the need for dosing sensors required in transportable systems.
  • No labor involved to move around and operate, often around the clock. No need for complicated logistics to meet room rotation schedules.
  • Does not take up storage space.
  • Practically zero maintenance, apart from replacing UV lamps (13,000 hours lamp life).
  •  Low cost to purchase and install in new construction and to retrofit in existing facilities.

Safety Features.

UV-C radiation can damage eyes and skin so UV surface sterilization must be performed without persons in the room.

The unit is installed permanently near the center of the room, typically 7-8 feet above floor level. It starts and ends the sweep in parking position.  It is controlled by the cleaning staff via a card reader/keypad panel outside the door. The customized program for the room and use data are stored on an on-board SD memory card.

 Waving the RFID card or entering a key code initiates the following actions:

1         A green LED signals that the code is received and accepted.                                                        

2          A timer allows the lamps 1 minute warm up to reach full output.

3         Start customized sweep featuring programmed stop angles and dwell times. An interrupted- tone buzzer signals that a sweep is ongoing.

4         An on board motion sensor interrupts the process if a person is detected in the room.

5         Cycle time and total dose (time x watts UV-C output) is logged.

The cycle can be interrupted for necessary entry by opening the door. When turned back on after an interruption, the sweep is resumed from the stop point and completed.


Supply voltage

120V or 230V, 50/60 Hz

Input power

1,100 watts

Output, UV-C radiation

350 watts

Sweep circle diameter

12 ft.  (3.6 meters)

Area coverage, typical

400 sq. ft.

Cycle time (720 deg. sweep)

20-40 min dependent on dwell periods.                                                                   


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