Toroidal Power Transformers for 117V/60Hz Operation


The S-Series

In Stock Standard Designs Primary Voltage 117V

  • Operating Frequency:      60 Hz
  • Power Range:                  30 VA – 50,000 VA
  • Secondary Voltages:        As specified
  • Dimensions and Weight:   See below
  • Insulation System:             Class B  (130 C)
  • Mounting Hardware:          See below

Safety Standard Certifications:

  • UL506, UL5085, CSA C22.2 No.66-1988, EN 61558-1, IEC61558-1, C742
  • Intertek File:  3051384
  • UL Files E140446, E178316

All our transformers carry CE Mark and comply with current RoHS directive.

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117V / 60Hz Toroidal Power Transformers 
for Industrial and Commercial Applications
P/NDimensions*Weight*Mounting Hardware
 FrequencyOD. x HT    in.  mmlbs.    kg
30TD03060Hz2.6 x 1.466 x 361.10.5Washer/ pad size: 1
60TD06060Hz3.2 x 1.581 x 381.70.8Washer/ pad size: 2
120TD12060Hz3.9 x 1.699 x 412.41.1Washer/ pad size: 3
180TD18060Hz4.3 x 1.7109 x 433.41.6Washer/ pad size: 3
240TD24060Hz4.5 x 1.9114 x 484.42.0Washer/ pad size:  4
300TD30060Hz4.7 x 2.1119 x 535.42.5Washer/ pad size:  4
360TD36060Hz5.0 x 2.3127 x 596.22.8Washer/ pad size:  4
480TD48060Hz5.2 x 2.5132 x 643.41.5Washer/ pad size:  5
575TD57560Hz5.3 x 2.6135 x 663.71.7Washer/ pad size:  5
600TD60060Hz5.4 x 2.8137 x 718.84.0Epoxy potted center w/ 3/8″ hole
720TD72060Hz5.7 x 2.9145 x 7410.34.7Epoxy potted center w/ 3/8″ hole
900TD90060Hz6.3 x 2.8160 x 7112.75.8Epoxy potted center w/ 3/8″ hole
1,200TD120060Hz6.6 x 3.0168 x 7615.47.0Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
1,560TD156060Hz7.0 x 3.0178 x 7619.08.6Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
2,050TD205060Hz8.0 x 3.0203 x 7623.010.4Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
2,360TD236060Hz8.5 x 3.5216 x 8929.013.2Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
3,600TD360060Hz9.5 x 3.5241 x 8933.015.0Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
4,800TD480060Hz9.8 x 4.0249 x 10242.019.1Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
6,600TD660060Hz11.0 x 4.5279 x 11462.028.1Epoxy potted center w/ 5/8″ hole
9,000TD900060Hz13.0 x 5.0330 x 12776.034.5Epoxy potted center w/ 5/8″ hole
12,000TD1200060Hz13.5 x 6.0343 x 152110.049.9Epoxy potted center w/ 5/8″ hole
18,000TD1800060Hz15.0 x 6.0381 x 152150.068.0Epoxy potted center, two 5/8”” holes
25,000TD2500060Hz16.0 x 6.5406 x 165195.088.5Epoxy potted center, two 5/8″ holes
50,000TD5000060Hz18.0 x 7.0457 x 178240.0109.0Epoxy potted center, two 5/8” holes

* Based on design with dual secondaries. Please call for final dimensions and weight.

A metal washer and rubber pads provide the most economical way of mounting the transformer horizontally and is adequate for transformers under 600 VA, provided the transformer is not installed in a product that receives rough handling.  Above 600 VA, epoxy potted center is standard mounting method.  Prices include mounting hardware, either a steel washer and two rubber pads or as shown for larger sizes, an epoxy potted center with one or two drilled mounting holes.

Optional Mounting Hardware

For a nominal cost you can order smaller transformers with epoxy potting, either with drilled hole or threaded inserts. The potting has a recessed top to accommodate screw head. Flat bottom is a standard feature.

The L-Bracket
An L-shaped steel bracket is an economical solution for vertical mounting. A metal washer and two rubber pads are furnished with each L-bracket. Larger transformers will have an epoxy potted center.

Standard Sizes of Steel Washers
Dimensions in Inches


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