Custom Configured Power Supply Enclosures

Toroidal power transformers, single and multi-phase assemblies are offered in weatherproof, hinged cover, lockable wall mount steel enclosures.

For Installation in Electric and Electronic Equipment used outdoors or indoors with high moisture content and other environmental hazards that may cause electrical shorts or interfere with the parameters of  electronic circuitry.

Power transformers and inductor are guaranteed to remain isolated from moisture and potential environmental hazards. Our Power Supply Enclosures also offer another layer of shielding against EMR (Electromagnetic Interference). EMR may potentially disrupt adjacent electrical or electronic components.

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117V / 60Hz Toroidal Power Transformers 
for Industrial and Commercial Applications
P/NDimensions*Weight*Mounting Hardware
 FrequencyOD. x HT    in.  mmlbs.    kg
30TD03060Hz2.6 x 1.466 x 361.10.5Washer/ pad size: 1
60TD06060Hz3.2 x 1.581 x 381.70.8Washer/ pad size: 2
120TD12060Hz3.9 x 1.699 x 412.41.1Washer/ pad size: 3
180TD18060Hz4.3 x 1.7109 x 433.41.6Washer/ pad size: 3
240TD24060Hz4.5 x 1.9114 x 484.42.0Washer/ pad size:  4
300TD30060Hz4.7 x 2.1119 x 535.42.5Washer/ pad size:  4
360TD36060Hz5.0 x 2.3127 x 596.22.8Washer/ pad size:  4
480TD48060Hz5.2 x 2.5132 x 643.41.5Washer/ pad size:  5
575TD57560Hz5.3 x 2.6135 x 663.71.7Washer/ pad size:  5
600TD60060Hz5.4 x 2.8137 x 718.84.0Epoxy potted center w/ 3/8″ hole
720TD72060Hz5.7 x 2.9145 x 7410.34.7Epoxy potted center w/ 3/8″ hole
900TD90060Hz6.3 x 2.8160 x 7112.75.8Epoxy potted center w/ 3/8″ hole
1,200TD120060Hz6.6 x 3.0168 x 7615.47.0Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
1,560TD156060Hz7.0 x 3.0178 x 7619.08.6Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
2,050TD205060Hz8.0 x 3.0203 x 7623.010.4Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
2,360TD236060Hz8.5 x 3.5216 x 8929.013.2Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
3,600TD360060Hz9.5 x 3.5241 x 8933.015.0Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
4,800TD480060Hz9.8 x 4.0249 x 10242.019.1Epoxy potted center w/ 1/2″ hole
6,600TD660060Hz11.0 x 4.5279 x 11462.028.1Epoxy potted center w/ 5/8″ hole
9,000TD900060Hz13.0 x 5.0330 x 12776.034.5Epoxy potted center w/ 5/8″ hole
12,000TD1200060Hz13.5 x 6.0343 x 152110.049.9Epoxy potted center w/ 5/8″ hole
18,000TD1800060Hz15.0 x 6.0381 x 152150.068.0Epoxy potted center, two 5/8”” holes
25,000TD2500060Hz16.0 x 6.5406 x 165195.088.5Epoxy potted center, two 5/8″ holes
50,000TD5000060Hz18.0 x 7.0457 x 178240.0109.0Epoxy potted center, two 5/8” holes

* Based on design with dual secondaries. Please call for final dimensions and weight.

At our factory, we will install custom or standard design isolation or power transformers, single or three-phase as per your exact specifications. 

Six standard sizes of enclosures to choose from:

No.WidthHeightDepthWeightItem No.
1250mm200mm150mm7.2 lbs050-020-00
2300mm250mm150mm9.3 lbs050-020-01
3300mm300mm150mm9.9 lbs050-020-02
4400mm300mm150mm12.6 lbs050-020-03
5500mm400mm150mm20.4 lbs050-020-04
6500mm400mm200mm22.2 lbs050-020-05

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