Bath 254


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UV-C (254 nm) Ultraviolet Sterilization System.

BATH 254 is dedicated to surface sterilization of public restrooms, shared hallway bathrooms and patient bathrooms in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Typically sized 30-75 square feet, rooms can be treated with a single, stationary UV-C source. The system is self-contained and designed to fit unobtrusively into modern bathroom décor.


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The UV-C radiation emitter, a high-intensity quartz lamp, is centered within a right angle mirror reflector in line with the triangularly sectioned enclosure holding the lamp ballast, digital timer and control electronics.  An electrical actuator serves to open a lamp cover automatically and close it again at the end of a disinfection cycle. The cover serves to exclude dust and prevent users from touching the quartz lamp and reflector when the unit is not in use. An infra-red motion detector turns the lamp off if a person is entering the room during a cycle, also preventing contact with the hot lamp.

UV-C Bath is intended for permanent installation, vertically in a corner, or horizontally where a wall meets the ceiling. Dimensions and triangular profile not unlike decorative crown molding.


·         Power: 110V-240V AC 50/60Hz 1.5Amp.

·         Power consumption: 175 watts

·         Standby:  0.4 watts

·         Dimensions: 45” X 4.25” X 4.25”.  15 lbs.

·         Casing and automatic moving cover: Aluminum, powder coated gloss white

·         UV-C lamp T6 quartz 172 watts. (254 nm) radiation output 54 joules.

·         Motion Detector (PIR) (1)

·         LED lamp fault indicator

·          Lamp life 13,000 hours.

·         7 day digital timer. Lithium battery to hold programs during power outages.

·         Self-contained. Only power hook up required

The digital timer is easy to program and can be customized for up to 18 disinfection cycles per day but typically is set to perform a 20 minute cycle twice a day during late night and early AM low traffic hours. Like all UV disinfection systems BATH 254 is meant to supplement, not replace, manual, chemical cleaning.

Bathrooms are some of the most contaminated locations in medical facilities.

Shared patient bathrooms and public hallway restrooms may cause more HAI’s than any other areas in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. UV-C sterilization as an adjunct to manual chemical cleaning is a proven remedy for eliminating pathogens on surfaces. BATH 254 can do the job automatically, day after day and year after year with a minimum of labor and maintenance.

Public Restrooms

Staff Bathrooms

Patient Bathrooms

Hospitals, Clinics

Hallway Bathrooms

Nursing Homes


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UV-C (254nm) Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection System  for permanent installation in health care locations presenting a high risk of touch transferred HAI’s such as:
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