The American Hospital Association’s 2017 annual report showed that there were 6,210 hospitals across the United States, with expenses totaling approximately $966 billion. A key cost factor in medical facilities is electricity, with the average US hospital consuming 738.5 kWh per square meter. Hospitals are excellent candidates for custom medical grade transformers to help surge protection and increase energy efficiency with such high energy use.

What Are Medical Grade Transformers?

Medical grade transformers are almost exclusively isolation transformers that meet the various safety guidelines and rules set for hospital use, which may be stricter than for non-medical graded transformers. Their main purpose is to isolate patients and the operators from the power surges. A medical grade isolation transformer can also act as a surge mitigator for the different hospital equipment.

Custom medical grade transformers are designed to meet your hospital’s design needs. Whether you need a specific temperature rating, size, or mounting configuration, the manufacturer can work closely with you to design and manufacture custom medical grade transformers with the right magnetic topology for your specific application.

Here are five benefits of using custom medical grade transformers for your hospital.

1. Regulatory Compliance

Custom made medical grade isolation transformers are tailored to meet the set international standards for a hospital setting. Repeated inspections and testing during the manufacturing process and before shipping guarantee that you meet remain compliant to the strict industry requirements. For example, standards IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60950-1set standards for safety in medical equipment and performance of power supplies. It is therefore important to source your custom isolation transformer from an ISO-certified facility with fully modernized testing laboratories.

2. Safety

Because custom medical grade transformers must meet stringent standards, they are among the most advanced and highest performing transformers available. The limits for leakage current and creepage distance help to keep the patient and hospital staff safe from inrush current surges. The toroidal transformers provide safe electrical current to delicate devices within your facility by reducing wide fluctuations in the flow of electricity.

3. Quieter Performance

The manufacture of custom medical grade transformers features a compact design that significantly reduces magnetostriction. Magnetostriction is one of the most common causes of mechanical hum. You can reduce the acoustic noise by opting for a medical grade isolation transformer for your facility.

4. Reduced Core Losses

The compact design in custom medical grade transformers ensures a low stray magnetic field. The toroidal coil can radiate a much lower magnetic field, reducing core losses within your transformers. You can enjoy greater efficiency with lesser power consumption.

5. Convenient Mounting

Customized medical trade transformers have sleek designs that feature an easy to mount mechanism. You may have a single central bolt design that saves on mounting time and complexity. The smaller size of the toroidal transformer design provides weight benefits, making them easier to install in complex hospital machinery and locations.

Medical grade transformers guarantee the safety of your patients and staff by acting as a strong inrush surge mitigator. To order custom medical grade transformers, reach out to Bridgeport Magnetics.