In today’s audio industry, there is no shortage of options for speaker cables and interconnects, whether you’re building your first system or upgrading. Cable products arrive and depart on a regular basis, and buyers are confronted with a sometimes-confusing array of promises from various vendors.

However, the proprietary Goertz cable, designed by Ole Goertz, a Danish electronics and audio expert, stands out among many options. The flat-design cable, which is trademarked in 20 countries, avoids distortion between the amplifier and loudspeakers. The Goertz cable is now well-known across the world for its remarkable low inductance and resistance characteristics, as well as the potential that it provides installers in the enhancement of the quality of their multi-room audio setups and home theaters.

Benefits of Goertz Cables

The Goertz cable has become widely adopted by audiophiles and A/V installers for its many benefits. Its many benefits include:

Low Inductance and Flat Packaging

This is without a doubt the most impressive aspect of Goertz cables. Goertz cables outperform other cable designs in terms of sound performance, and their design has been trademarked across the world. Because of its flat structure and the insulation and jacketing material, Goertz cables have low inductance and characteristic impedance. The massive, solid conductors are barely 0.003 inches apart in this design, while its wires are 0.04 inches thick and 0.4 or 0.8 inches wide.

It Eliminates Mismatch

Goertz MI cables’ characteristic impedance resembles those of loudspeakers with the order of two to four ohms. Other cables for speakers have a characteristic impedance that falls between 50 to 200 ohms, which can cause distortion because of signal reflections. Matching the impedance can improve the sound clarity of the upper mid-range and lower mid-range sounds according to many users. If impedance mismatch enters the feedback loop of different amplifiers, then their signal may be disturbed and won’t be able to accurately reproduce sounds. This is the effect of signal reflection.

Affordable Pricing

It’s odd that Goertz cables aren’t more expensive, given how they enhance the quality of audio setups. Instead of other bulk wire that doesn’t match the quality of Goertz cables, you can purchase a Goertz cable with strong sonic performance for approximately the same price.

If you’re an audiophile or an audio-visual professional seeking top audio performance, contact us today to purchase Goertz cables.