Single Phase Low Voltage Distribution Transformers

single phase - 30kva_000_001_000


  • Pays for itself quickly in energy savings. Efficiency well exceeds the guidelines of NEMA's new
  • Premium Efficiency Transformer Program. 
  • 40 to 50% reduction in volume.
  • Weighs 40% less, generating considerable savings in transport and installation costs.
  • Temperature rise at full load is less than 80 C (176 F)
  • The inherently quiet operation of the toroidal transformers inside the low profile enclosures make
  • Bridgeport Magnetics distribution transformers well suited for interior baseboard installation.
  • The Bridgeport Magnetics distribution transformer enclosures stands  vertically  and occupies minimal floor space
  • Dry-type single-phase low voltage (<600VAC) distribution transformers suitable for industrial, health care, commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, theaters, churches and libraries and other applications.


  • Mounted inside of sleek rectangular green epoxy powder coated steel enclosures.
  • Wire termination is with screw-type terminal blocks.
  • Stud-type connectors are optional.

Single-Phase Product Specifications

  • Input/output voltages 480VAC, 240V/120V at 60Hz or 1:1 ratios.
  •  Primary taps optional.
  •  Power Ratings: 5,000 VA to 37,500 VA
Download the specifications sheet (pdf)