Custom Toroidal Isolation Transformers


The S-Series
Toroidal Power and Isolation Transformers up to 75,000 VA single phase,
225kVA Three-phase

Since 1986 Bridgeport Magnetics and its Tortran division design and manufacture toroidal power and isolation transformers for a wide range of industrial applications  including medical devices, test and measurement  equipment,  audio amplifiers , airborne and marine applications , low voltage lighting, street lights etc. Our design engineers will work closely with you to develop transformer products to meet your specific needs at the lowest possible cost.

Our Toroidal Isolation Transformers are available for:

  • Operating Frequencies: 60 Hz, 50/60Hz,  400Hz
  • Input Voltage: 100V, 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V/240V, 277V, 380V, 440V (as specified)
  • Output Voltage: As specified
  • Power Ratings: Up to 75,000 VA single phase (225,000 VA three-phase) for industrial applications.
  • Up to 5,000 VA single-phase  for medical applications.  

Design Options:

  • Auto-resettable or non-resettable thermal protection  *
  • Electrostatic shield
  • Magnetic shield

* All medical  grade power and isolation transformers must include a thermal protector either resettable or non-resettable.

Download our Design Guide for reference.

Safety Standard Certifications; CE Mark and RoHS
For industrial/commercial applications our transformers are certified to the following safety standards: UL506, UL 5085, CSA c22.2. No. 66-1988 ,EN61588-1, IEC61558-1.  Up to 40 kVA.  Above 40 kVA we design to comply with these safety standards.

UL Files E140446, E178316, OBJY2
Intertek File:  3051384 

For medical applications our TIS Series isolation  transformers  are certified to  IEC60601-1, Third Edition, and equivalent AAMI/ANSI/UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90, EN60601.1.  

Our transformers are also designed to the applicable transformer sections of other standards, such as UL950, IEC950, UL813, UL1236, EN742, VDE0750, VDE0551, CSA C22.2#125, and many more.

All of our transformers carry the CE mark and comply with current RoHS directive.

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